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When ordering parts you will need your Unit Part Number and Serial Number. We don't typically carry parts for units sold prior to 2009 but will find a solution or offer exclusive upgrade pricing. Call us at 1-800-541-4900 ext. 5 or use form below. 

Encompass and GTS Models

Model information sticker is on the back of the tower in the lower left. While the model shown is the ELEVATE Encompass, the sticker is located in the same location on the RS Encompass PowerTower, RS Encompass and Total Gym GTS models.

Encompass Model Info

ELEVATE single-station Models

Model information sticker is on the incline strut. ELEVATE single-station models include the ELEVATE Jump, ELEVATE Row ADJ, ELEVATE Core ADJ, ELEVATE Press and ELEVATE Pull Up.

Core ADJ Model Info

Ordering Parts Form